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        Ink printing eligibility Determined by the pigment of the five performance!
        Release time :2016-07-15

        1, the degree of dispersion

        Dispersion refers to the size of the pigment particles. Ink pigment particles of the links must be completely submerged in the ink film material, pigment particles cannot exceed the size of the ink film thickness, otherwise it will affect the luster of the print, the smaller the particle, the higher the degree of dispersion, the greater the ink color saturation. Gravure mesh point transfer printing, higher requirements on the pigment dispersion.

        2, tinting strength,

        Tinting strength refers to some kind of mixed pigment is the other pigments, the impact on mixed pigment color ability. All become weak and white material blending and easy to paint, the tinting strength is weak, confecting ink should choose color pigments on the strong, used to print to the effect of ink quantity is little, quick drying. For high-speed gravure printing ink dry have higher requirements, it is very important.

        3, covering power

        Covering power is the ability to paint to cover the base. Does the ink has hiding power, depend on the refractive index of pigment and links to the ratio of the refractive index material. When the ratio is 1, paint is transparent; This ratio is greater than 1, the pigment is opaque, namely has the covering power. Different printing quality of paint covering power have different requirements, such as printing ink pigment has strong hiding power, prevent the base, and four-color ink dieyin asks pigments have higher transparency, the composite with ink subtractive achieve good results.

        4, depending on the volume

        Depending on the specific volume refers to the volume of per kilogram weight pigment, with cubic centimeter. Particles of different pigment, same is different depending on the specific volume. The greater the apparent specific volume of pigment, the proportion is smaller, the link is not easy to precipitate in the material, the ink stability is good.

        5, oil absorption,

        Oil absorption refers to a certain amount of pigment can absorb the amount of oil, to make 100 g pigment tightly stick together the linseed oil grams is calculated. The nature of the printing ink and paint oil absorption, oil absorption small pigment ink contains pigment are made of, more ink covering power is strong, but poor stability. Prone to blocking when printed edition, also easy to emulsification. General requirements paint oil absorption. 

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