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        Several important plastic colorants properties
        Release time :2016-07-15

            In recent years, the plastic industry has developed into the dominant industries in our country, many traditional materials are replaced by new plastic. When used in the plastic differ as a result the chemical structures of all kinds of plastic, machining processing methods and temperature is different, different performance requirements of plastic colorants, consumption of varieties of organic pigments for not less than a year, demand for more than ten thousand tons, the demand of inorganic pigments are also more than ten thousand tons.

            Especially in recent years, with the use of colored plastic products contained toxic requirements of increasingly stringent and the requirement of harmful material residual amount is increasing, coupled with the plastic colorants in the manufacturing process of strict requirements of safety and the environment pollution and so on, promoted the development of new colorant for plastics, such as pan, the development of heavy metals such as lead, chromium pigment substitutes, using a methyl - nitroaniline namely scarlet base as diazo component made of pigment and grasp the development of the department of benzidine pigment substitutes, for the development of polyolefin plastic pigments have a deformation, easy in waste water treatment of the development of organic pigment, etc.

            Plastic with main there are three types of solvent dye colorant or a small number of disperse dyes, pigments and masterbatch.

            Although there are three types for plastics coloring, but the most important colorants are organic pigments, their progress is closely related with the development of plastic industry.

            Several kinds of important plastic colorants

            PVC with colorant

            PVC is a kind of important common thermoplastic material, the type of organic pigments to dye can choose a variety of types, but still should be based on the processing conditions, coloring products, such as the end use of colorants for specific choice, avoid phenomenon generated when the PVC color crocking. Color of PVC could be selected according to the different requirements of different class of organic pigments varieties:

            (1) universal colorants, has a good economy, but durability; (2) the excellent performance of coloring.

            Pas stain

            For PA stains can use organic pigments, also can choose dye dissolved in the polymer. For PA colored organic pigments can be divided into two levels: (1) is organic pigment application performance;

           (2) high performance organic pigments.

            Polyester material with stain

            Polyester materials (including PET and PBT) but more occasions is already available, a pigment with soluble polymer solvent dyes.

            Abs with colorant

            The color of ABS is used more soluble in polymer solvent dye, not only has the good transparency, and better light fastness, if the spell with inorganic pigments, opaque coloring products can be obtained.

            PS, SAN (styrene - acrylonitrile copolymer), PMMA, PC and CAB (cellulose acetate) with colorants.

            These thermoplastic plastics have excellent transparency, in order to make color products to keep the original transparency, except in some of these pigments varieties staining can be used more appropriate chooses high solubility of solvent dyes and disperse dyes, the in the process of coloring in plastic form stable molecules in solution, high tinting strength.

            For plastics colouring agent is to improve the performance of colored plastic products value one of the important factors, with the further development of the plastics industry, the performance requirements of the colorant will be more and more high, will further promote plastic coloring in all kinds of colorants, especially the study of organic pigment, develop application is wider, more excellent performance of new type of plastic colorants. 

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